• "I have been going to Dr. Soppe for 7-8 years and have been very satisfied. I had to go to another one for a few times closer to home, but he isnt as good as Dr. Soppe. Dr. Soppe is so caring, friendly and really helps me, and he always has a smile. I drive 30 minutes to see him."
    Sarah Holsclaw
  • "I had terrible pain in my shoulder that I tried everything for before I came to the chiropractor. I had a cortisone shot, and an arthogram surgery on my shoulder without any sucess. Finally the M.D.s told me that I would just have to live with the pain. After going to the chiropractor I now have full range of motion again without any pain!!"
  • "I am a 94 year old male and had such terible neck pain and after other doctors tried everything they eventually told me I had arthritis, and there was nothing that could be done to help me out. After only a couple of treatments my neck pain was gone, and i could actually turn my head to see behind me. I don't think I have been able to do that for 25 years."
    Merle O.
  • "I brought my son into Soppe Chiropractic for bed wetting problems. After only a week of treatment his problems stoped!!. It has now been two months since the initial treatment and still has not had a wet night."
  • "Pain couldn't even begin to describe what I was going through. I was in a car accident where the car flipped three times. Instantly afterwards I had pain going down my legs and had trouble walking as the legs kept wanting to give out. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where they took xrays, ct scan, and a mri. After all was said and done I had three disc herniations in my lower back. They wanted to operate within a week but told me that there was a posibility of being paralyzed if the surgery didnt go as planed. So through my neighbor I heard of Soppe chiropractic and thought I would give it a chance and hold off on the surgery. After about two weeks of treatment my legs stoped wanting to go out on me and the pain started to go away. It has now been three months since that accident and I have no problems with no sciatica or pain. Thank you so much for helping me get better!!"
    Mike J.
  • "I brought my little girl in because she was having trouble sleeping for over a month. After just a few treatments she now sleeps through the night and I can sleep too!"
    Mary V.
  • "I just wanted to say thank you to Soppe chiropractic. I have been going there now for over 10 years for all sorts of problems and every time I have been 100% satisfied. Even the couple times that they knew they couldnt help me they helped point me in the right direction and set me up with who I needed to see. They always go out of there way and there staff are wonderful!"
    Mellisa B.
  • "I used to get severe hemroids and low back pain. After going to Soppe chiropractic I have now gone over a year without any hemroids! It seems like they care about there patients well being that they do whatever is necessary to help that patient get better. Thanks again for all of your help!"
    Jim S.
  • "After numerous headaches my colleague refered me to soppe chiropractic. After just a couple treatments my headaches decreased significantly and now after 6 months I have been headache free for two straight months! Thank you so much. Stephanie H Just wanted to do a quick note of dr. banks and dr. soppe for taking such good care of our family over these last 6 years. From everything from sport injuries to colicky to the regular tear of every day life you have helped us tremendously."
    Sincerely the coopers
  • "How does one go from being told that they have severe arthritis in the hip and knee and that they will need surgery to going to a chiropractor and no being pain free. That I wish I knew, but I can tell you after one treatment with Dr. Banks I started to feel better and now I am completly pain free and dont have to have surgery."
    Michelle P.
  • "I can believe the care that I recieved from Soppe Chiropractic. I came there for my low back which was diagnosed as a disc herniation. After trying epidurals, physical therapy, muscle relaxers and a previous back surgery I decided to give chiropractic a try. After a few weeks of treatment my back started to feel better and I was so excited I then asked if they worked with shoulders. Was I suprissed my shoulder was hurting for over 9 months and with physical therapy and cortisone injections not helping I was scheduled for surgery in a month after I mentioned my problem. Within three weeks my shoulder improved by 75% and I cancelled my surgery and after about another month of treatment my back and shoulder were completly pain free and back to being at 100%.

    THANK YOU!!"
    Mike S.
  • "The results were amazing! In four days through Soppe Chiropractics Purification Program I lost nine pounds....my energy levels went through the roof! I wasn't constantly tired by mid afternoon, I felt like doing more with my family. I lost 29 lbs, 6 inches and was down two shirts sizes. It's not really a diet, but a better way to eat and live. Exercising was easier and I lost an additional 15 lbs 3 months after the program; for a total of 44 lbs.

    Again thank you so much!!!"
    Tim Howard
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